Do or Don’t-High Waisted Jeans on Short People

I have always been obsessed with high waisted wide legged trouser jeans.  I think they are so flattering on people like Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively.  No matter how envious I am of this look, lets be real, you could cut those girls off at the shins and they would still tower over me.

NEED these Emersonmade jeans...anddd leg lengthening surgery

NEED these Emersonmade jeans...anddd leg lengthening surgery

I had sort of sworn off being able to wear this style, unless somehow a leprechaun somersaulted out from under my couch, with a wiley look on his face granting me three wishes.  One of which would include changing my 5’3 frame to being of normal non munchkin height.  This changed when I did a quick run through the Jcrew Warehouse sale this Saturday with Katherine and found a pair of Madewell dark, wide legged, high wasited, trouser jeans for $12 dollars!! These pants retail at $185 so I figured even if I looked like a shrunken sailor I could probably make a profit consigning them, so I snagged them.

what do we think?

what do we think?

ignore the hemming that obviously needs bolts removed from the bottom

ignore the hemming that obviously needs bolts removed from the bottom

I went to my friend Lauren’s for a wine night later that evening, and figured even though they were too long I needed some girl opinions on weather or not I should spend the money to get them hemmed.

don't we love Lauren's sequined top!

don't we love Lauren's sequined top!

We didn’t mess around with the wine either:

mini bar for 5 people...drank.

mini bar for 5 people...drank.

Lauren is adorable and made chicken soup and had tons of snackies:

all nommed...i mean just look at that cheese board.

all nommed...i mean just look at that cheese board.

My sweet friends were all very complimentary on these new jeans, and said they thought they actually made me look taller- win!  I also have next to no butt and kind of a boyish figure, and they said they also helped in that region. So all in all I think my $12 dollars was well spent and I am going to get them hemmed.   They are much more comfortable than my constricting skinny jeans so even if they aren’t my most flattering piece, I will at least bum around in them.  What do you think?  Are you tall, short, in the middle?  Do you feel like you can’t wear certain styles because of your height or shape?  Let me know.  Since I am going to be trying to get out of my comfort zone I want to hear if you are too!

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12 Responses to Do or Don’t-High Waisted Jeans on Short People

  1. Sydney Alice says:

    Ah Bwinny, so A-GO! I was working at Madewell over winter break and those wide leggers were on super sale (I bought a pair for $10!) and am obsessed. So, from a former Madewell associate, they look great! …and at least you can wear heels with them! They’re too short on me. Good things come in small packages so rock it. My verdict- DO.

  2. Let’s also talk about how gorgeous your back is in your backless shirt. And how I really am going to get a haircut soon hahahah.

    PS still a little tight from yoga. About to go for a little run followed by 5000 minutes of stretching to see if that fixes it. Who would have thought you’d have to stretch to recover from yoga.

  3. WIN! I’m 5’0″ with a boyish figure and always thought a high-waisted-anything would make me look shorter. That is until I tried on a high waisted pencil skirt. Tall people, move over! The tall waist adds curves in all the right places. Seriously, it looks cute!

  4. Alisa Abbott says:

    the high wasted jeans look great! ps mail me that cheese plate

  5. Julia says:

    I just popped over from Neon Blonde Runner.

    I think you look great in high waisted pants. I am short myself, so this is something I struggle with, as well. I think you can pull it off, though. Me? Not so much :)

    Anyway, love your blog.

    • btypes says:

      Thanks Julia!! I really appreciate your comment, us shorties gotta do what we can haha! I checked out your blog and loveeee it! So funny and relatable

      p.s Love Neon Blonde, Katherine is amazing.

  6. Kaeli says:

    You look great! I found a pair of high waisted sailor pants at Forever 21 last night thinking they would look ridiculous on my 5’4″ small butt frame. Wrong! I tucked in a loose blouse on top and I have never felt so classy and chic! I will have them hemmed, too, and wear some platform wedges with them, but they looked great! Who knew??!

    • btypes says:

      Thanks Kaeli!! I agree, sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is good! I have to get those suckers hemmed, but once I do I think they will be a staple in my closet.

  7. Martine says:

    High waist pants make legs look longer. So its a MUST for short people.

  8. borlah says:

    Good one trying my 1st I waist jean real soon.I’m short,shorter dan u and still scared to try it on.but ve had it 4 almost 6month and I love it but never got the courage to wear am joining the clubs of colour blockers and leaving my usual safe dull colour combination.

    • btypes says:

      loveee color blocking! I think that helps you look longer too if you do the proportions right. I am all about these high waisted jeans now, I wear them all the time with big heels to make me look like I have long legs!

  9. Monica Hernandez says:

    Hi!! Too bad I found your blog post now that’s too late… I’m looking for pants exactly like that and I’m also short (5’2”). Those look great on you! I would buy the same one for me if I could find it.

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