Prohibition Party

Open Bar? Brass Band? Costumes? Themes? Yes please!  What is not to love?  On Saturday night I went to the newly opened Hippodrome for a Bootleggers Ball with some of my best friends, it was an absolute hoot.

This was one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials and was pretty much is how I felt, alcohol really excites me:

I basically treated this event like prom.  I got way too excited, got a dress from Bygones, had a fake bob done at Envy Salon (where everyone is ridiculously awesome and sweet), and found the perfect dark lipstick from Estee Lauder.

darker daisy buchanan

darker daisy buchanan

I went with a big group of girls, my buddy Ross,

ross just wanted an excuse to wear his tux

ross just wanted an excuse to wear his tux and dance allll night



and of course, my bff Jess:

boozehounds who jump at the prospect of an open bar

boozehounds who jump at the prospect of an open bar

Look how good these guys look:

speakeasy gentleman

speakeasy gentleman

People were drinking like there really was some kind of ban on alcohol, and the 21st Amendment was not yet passed.  Everyone was dressed to the 9′s and the 1920′s feel was in the air.  Fresh roses, dimly lit secret rooms, and the occasional slow song would be sung, and with Etta James’ filling the venue, I really did feel like I was taken back in a time machine.

fun fun

The Hipp

I learned that The Hippodrome was a famous theater in the 1990′sJackson Ward, it has been the host to several famous names like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Duke Ellington.  To bring it back in style they highered No BS Brass Band to play the event, and they literally blew us band. ever.

best. band. ever.

best. band. ever.

The event was a blast and I cannot wait to go to another event at The Hipp.

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4 Responses to Prohibition Party

  1. Alisa Abbott says:


  2. Kayla Leahey says:

    This sounds wayyyy cool! I didn’t know you knew Ross! He is a good friend of mine and my husbands… Small world. Loved your outfitby the way!

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