I Will End You.

So I had a little surprise when I came back from a nice sunny luncheon yesterday, ta daaa someone had stole my Macbook right out of my office.

I mean really world?? Out of my office?? Where I have worked for three years.  This is my nest, my second home, can I not leave for 20 minutes to enjoy the nice weather and leave the door unlocked??I am actually more upset they stole my sweet interns’ computer who has finals in a few weeks.  Luckily he is a smart cookie and saved most things on dropbox, but still, wtfffff thief!!! My computer was a 2007 Macbook, it was on its’ last legs anyway, but I have 50 gigs of irreplaceable music, lots of pictures, and all of the work I have ever done since college on the hard drive. WHYYYY. And no, of course I do not have an external hard drive, those are for responsible smart people.

To make matters worse they sent a muppet of a cop to do the report.  He kept calling the serial number for our computers our “social security numbers”, big difference there chief, and just complained about his allergies the whole time.  He basically said we have a .00005 percent chance of finding our computers but that he would look around the pawn shops for us.

Needless to say I am Pee Ohed.  The person who stole it won’t even get $50 bucks for the thing.  I hope they love waiting around and listening to my computer overheat, because asking that bad boy to do anything is like watching a walrus try to get on an iceberg, it is laborious, tiring, and time consuming.

I have had lots of things stolen in my life, I am an overly trusting person who also has a propensity to forget to lock doors.  This particular incident annoys me more than the ipod(s), camera, GPS, money, etc that have been filched from me in the past.  Even though those items were dear and expensive, I tried to look on the bright side and hoped that who ever was doing the pilfering really needed the money.  Maybe they were going to Robin Hood it up and use the funds for something they really needed and it would help them out of a bad situation.  I know I know, those things were definitteeellly traded for meth. But still, a girl can hope right!   Come on though, this stupid thief clearly knows nothing about electronics, because they won’t get any money for my old shitty computer.  They would be lucky if they were traded a roll of smarties and a walk-man.  It is just an inconvenience.  SO if anyone sees a 2007 Macbook with scratches and nailpolish all over it, with this wallpaper, dats minez.

his name is george...he is 5 pounds, they found him in a garden in England gorging himself...but that story is for another time

his name is george...he is 5 pounds, they found him in a garden in England gorging himself...but that story is for another time

I have seen the surveillance tapes, I have narrowed the culprit down to a couple suspects, and if I see them around this office again it is going to be Jersey Shore up in here. I will attack.  Things will not be pretty.  Don’t touch my stuff. Anddd end rant.

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4 Responses to I Will End You.

  1. NO WAY. Oh Brittany, I am so sorry, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my computer, similar thoughts to you, because it’s stuff that can’t be replaced…I’d be devastated over losing all my photo memories.

    That’s cool that you got to see the surveillance tapes, I really hope that you were able to spot some shady character sneaking two laptops out under their jacket, who you could track down easily.

    Is it a locked building where you have to sign in/out? Do you think it’s someone who works in your building who was watching you and saw you leave? Or someone off the street who snuck into the building? That’s ridiculous timing that you just happened out be out while the sneaky person just happened to come by an unlocked door. Oh angry…..I’m so bummed for you bty!

  2. I am super sorry, but man your wallpaper cracks me up!!!

  3. Awww I was hoping that it would turn out to be a terrrrible joke someone in your office played on you. :(

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