California Here We Come…

Good Morning! Although I am on vacation I did want to spend a little time sharing what I am up to here in California! Stay tuned for an in-depth recap next week, but for now… The highlights!


Skymall has some really tasteful garden sculptures I will definitely be ordering.


Clearly my number one goal of ‘eating a shave ice the size of my face’ has been achieved. This is technically something called ‘snow flake’ which I will explain later, but I’m pretty sure is going to own froyo one day.


My God Brother (people keep asking me what this is, its an Asian thing I guess but my mom basically raised David so he is like my big brother or close close cousin) always says, ‘since he doesn’t drink, he eats’ so he knows all the best places to eat in LA. David’s wife Trendy is preggers and has finalllly gotten over having a ton of morning sickness in her first trimester, so to say we have been eating a ton catching her up and spoiling ourselves is a delicious understatement. David is a pretty serious biker so he, Trey, and I decided to go on a hilly 14 mile bike ride to burn off some of the calories.


We have done tons more, and it has been wonderful to catch up with my family and see Trendy’s adorable bump. Trey and I are scooting off to Vegas for a couple days since they have to work and we wanted to take a few day trips while we are on the West Coast. I am positive there will be some pretty blogworthy stories that come out of this mini vacation, but till then! Miss you guys!


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One Response to California Here We Come…

  1. Katherine says:

    Please tell me where to find this shave ice amazing monstrosity! I’m heading to So Cal in about a month and definitely need to try it.
    First time commenting – but I really enjoy your blog. Great hippie bowl recipe.

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