Prosecco Squashes

I dunno about you cats but I am feelin’ this weekend right now.  Mondays are always the hardest days to peel yourself out of bed, but I feel especially Lohany today.  It is probably because all weekend was spent drinking various combinations of seltzery wine drinks.  From the 8 million white wine spritzers I had at Jilli’s wedding on Saturday, the Kir Royals I had at Balliceaux, to my new favorite Summer bevo the Prosecco Squash, I am pretty much flammable at this point.

Everyone likes a good summer cocktail, but if you are like me, you are super psychotic and picky about all the nasty sugar and syrups that often times go into these fruity concoctions.  I am all about fancy drinks, but when the bartender hands me something that tastes like a jolly rancher and looks like a highlighter was dunked in it, I usually don’t love it.

My good friends David and Jonathan had me over for a little garden party and whipped up this refreshing pick-me-up with herbs from the garden and a pretty bowl of clementines they had lying around.  It is light, bright, and my new go-to for a warm Sunday afternoon.

Prosecco Squashes

1 bottle chilled prosecco
2-3 Clementines (oranges, grapefruit, blood oranges, or really any sweet citrus would do)
splash of Saint Germain liqueur
fresh mint

Pour prosecco into glass. Cut clementine into round slices, squeeze juice into the glass, and float the slice in the wine.  Add a splash of St. Germain and 1 crushed mint leaf.  It smells amazing and tastes even better!



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4 Responses to Prosecco Squashes

  1. I don’t enjoy sugary/bright colored artificial drinks either…but these seem like the perfect natural, clean tasting treat with a hint of sweet! YUMMY idea, I will have to try making these this summer.

  2. J-ty says:

    I love fun new drinky drinks.

  3. Alisa Abbott says:

    mail me one

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