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Sometimes you forget that your boss is a real person.  You see them everyday and you go about your work, you are with them more than you are with your family, you learn each others’ little idiosyncrasies,  and sometimes you are like a grumpy old divorced couple still sharing the house because it is economical.  Then there are other times when you get to peer into a looking glass to their real life and it bring you back to the real world.  I felt so privileged to be apart of the most important day of two people’s lives, to watch my darling boss Tom marry his incredible wife Lauren.  They are so creative and thought I would share their adorable “pinterest” wedding.

this dress...was everything and more...sooo prettyyyy

this dress…was everything and more…sooo prettyyyy

I have known Tom for over two years now and for the entire first year of knowing him he had Lauren’s engagement ring in his pocket, waiting for the perfect time to pop the question.  Apparently this took 12 months because after dozens of Mondays coming back unsuccessful, finally one day he came in victorious.  They knew they wanted a small DIY wedding, trying to keep things incredibly personal and not break the bank.  Lauren basically planned out every aspect and made everything from hand, but I do not think it could have turned out more beautifully.

hand made coffee filter flowers, Shakespear sonnets wrapping the candles,

I will have to say I had a few set backs.  Upon arriving at William and Mary I was stuck for 10 minutes behind this train:

Then I could not find the chapel to save my life, and the William and Mary tennis coach jogged me to the building telling me about his divorce the whole time, it was really awesome.  I did not want to interrupt the ceremony so I watched the entire thing like a sketchy peeping tom through this key hole:

I could still hear and see everything, and the ceremony was beautiful.  The officiant that really made the guests feel personally connected to the couple, and they walked out to Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros…I know.  I die. So freakin cute.  The reception was held at Tom’s house in his back yard and they had buckets of boutique wine, kegs of craft beer, a buffet of homemade delicacies including a “build your own” strawberry shortcake bar, and the Boka Truck really was the gem of the event, parked in the drive way passing out gourmet tacos.

Check out some of the knick knacks Lauren made:

napkins with grey striped straws and paper source wooden knives and forks

napkins with grey striped straws and paper source wooden knives and forks

trail mix to go!

trail mix to go!

They had an ipod playing some of their favorite songs, and I Shazamed this one tune really thinking it summed up the event.  The way Tom looks at Lauren is the way all women hope to be looked at one day , I seriously cried my eyes out at this wedding because it is just so perfect when two wonderful people find each other and are able to complete each others lives.

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