Let’s Get Fresh.

Being 100% organic, vegan, fregan, is next to impossible for most people.  It can be expensive, time consuming, and just not fun.  I like to try a little bit of everything, sometimes a bit too much, and experience as much as I can.  Plus I love cheese and bacon, lets be real.  On the flip side most people agree that the bulk of America is becoming pretty gross.  I mean really Ragu…if this wasn’t so hilarious I would be mad:

People like this:

ultimate bad ass

ultimate bad ass

Are raising kids like this:

no shoes and a mountain dew...yea, im judging your parenting skills, come at me!

no shoes and a mountain dew…yea, I’m judging your parenting skills, come at me!

Who will grow up to have license plates like this:

that kid is definitely going to be gnawing on someone's face by the highway one day...too soon?

that kid is definitely going to be gnawing on someone’s face by the highway one day…too soon?

What is the world coming to?? Spaghetti tacos?! That doesn’t even sound good, talk to me at 2am on Saturday night and maybbeee I will disagree, but for a normal night around the dinner table I think it is fair to say that we can do better than that.  In our tiny little corner of RVA we (Trey did everything I sat in a moo moo and ate cookie butter with a spoon) are trying to be a little bit better, more sustainable, more green.  Other than recycling for the first time in my life, we have a itty bitty herb and vegetable garden.  If you remember this post, it really is possible to have a garden in the city, you just have to build an herb box.

This was so simple (for me, again I was eating an entire watermelon and watching Weeds when this happened) and was built in an afternoon.  Now we have three different types of home grown tomatoes for caprese salads with fresh basil.  Tarragon, dill, cilantro, parsley, and rosemary are sprouting like nuts, and now I don’t have to spend $4 dollars a packet on those ones at the grocery.  We even have zucchini, bell pepper, and a jalapeno budding up for summer salsas and sides.

So lets get growing!





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