VA is for Bloggers- Mocktail Party

Wholesome Goodness is an all natural food company that aims to blend nutritious with delicious at an affordable price. They have dozens of yummy products ranging from soups, juices, chips, and salsas to trail mixes, cereals, and dressings. Not only is their food low in sugar, sodium, and fat but it is also incredibly simple, and really is the food you want to eat and feel good about. They are also incredibly generous and gave the wonderful Virginia is for Bloggers girls oodles of chips, juices, and salsas to host a little “mocktail party” at Liz’s house.


Since Wholesome Goodness gave us so many yummy chippies, each girl brought their own dip. You can imagine the awesomeness of this scenario, since it was a room full of food bloggers bringing their favorite spread to the table. My favorites were Mollee’s Pesto Dip , Sarah’s Hamburger Hummus, and Britts’ protein macaroons. It was a tough decision as to what was better the chips or the dips, because to me normally chips are just a vehicle to get dips into my face, but these crunchy little bites were pretty darn tasty.


I made a 7 Layer Greek Dip adapted from How Sweet It Is, Katherine also made it here so it is a blogger fave! This dip was a big hit both at the blogging event and when I took the extra batch I made to Trey’s parents house. It is everything you want to eat: tzatziki, hummus, creamy feta, tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, and I added red onion. I even put a large scoop of it over some spinach and kale today for lunch, so versatile!


This was my first real blogger event, but I met so many amazing women with hilarious, beautiful, inspirational blogs that I cannot wait to go to my next event! Go to to try some of their delicious snacks, they are incredibly generous with their samples and sent us away with bags of chips and trail mixes! Thank you Wholesome Goodness!


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9 Responses to VA is for Bloggers- Mocktail Party

  1. Looks like some delicious fun, wish I could have made it…!

    We’ll go to the next event together for sure. But if it requires cooking, I’ll have to bribe you to make something cool for me.

    • btypes says:

      We can collaborate on something like your black bean salsa which I loveee and I can make something for it to go on top of or something!

  2. It was SO much fun meeting you!! I’m so glad you were able to come! And that Greek dip was delicious!! I hope we can meet up again, either formally or informally ;) enjoy those chips!!

  3. So sad I couldn’t travel down from Fred to the Mocktail party but love checkint out the recap posts! Thanks for sharing! The greek layered dip sounds amazing and your skirt is adorable!

  4. molleesullivan says:

    Thanks for the link love, Brittany! It was great meeting you yesterday. I’m so glad you liked the pesto dip, and I can’t wait to make Greek dip. I’ve been daydreaming about that creamy feta layer!

  5. It was great to meet you yesterday! I loved the Greek dip so much. I’ll definitely have to try making it for my next potluck.

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