Chicken Festival.

Do you know what’s awesome? All you can eat chicken and beer.

The 39th Annual Chicken Festival “Southern Virginia’s Oldest and Finest Festival” is tonight and I cannot conceal my glee. Even though I have grown to love Richmond’s hip hipsterness, I love a good Podunk all-you-can-eat/drink festival. I mean look at this line up:

Virginia Chicken Festival
Crewe, VA

Friday, June 15, 2012
4:00 – 9:00 pm

BBQ Chicken Dinner
Robert’s Rooster Stew
Cheese – Chicken Nuggets – Livers
Wings – Peanuts – Ice Cream
Soft Drinks – Adult Beverages
$20 Dollars

Did you say all of that for $20 dollars! I could drink $20 dollars in an hour. I’m there Virginia. I’m there.

Rooster Stew?!? I don’t even know what that is but I plan on funneling it into my mouth with fervent vigor. Wangs?! Ice cream!! Peanuts (I mean ok whatever I’m sure I’ll have like one). I’m pretty sure it is going to go something like this:


I am goin to strap on my cowboy boots and head down to Crewe this afternoon with a group of awesome ladies and his Treyness to see how many birds’ souls I can capture in my belly. (sorry Vegan/veg readers, but today is a somber day for chickens). I’m going to justify it and say it will be a great protein source for tomorrows 12 miler… But really I am just looking forward to de-hinging my jaw and putting whole rotisserie chickens in my mouf.

Good Day!

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