I am a Quarter of a Century Old

Twenty five is my scary age. DISCLAIMER. 25 IS NOT OLD.  I know I am still in the prime of my life, getting to the next level professionally, still balling out on the weekends, and I am going to look back on this post when I am 73 with my 3000 cats in an ammonia-pee filled house and shake my head.  Most people say it is 30 or 40 is their scary age but for me 25 feels very definite.  I remember being 11 thinking “When I am 25 I am going to be doing…XYZ”…I can certifiably say I am doing none of those things.  Not in a bad way, I am incredibly happy with the way my life is heading but it is just absurd to reflect on all the things I assumed people accomplished by 25.


I feel so lucky to be participating in a 3 day bender for my day of birth, tying everything up tonight at Magpie for a huge dinner with all my frangs.  Can’t even describe how excited I am for this dinner, it is everyone I love and a weird ass menu, all things are good.  Sunday Trey took me to Lehja for dinner which was absolutely incredible, if you like Indian food it is very well done and sort of fusion-y.  Our waiter was really cool and had the chef make something off the menu with chicken in a cashew sauce that I can’t spell. I haven’t had great Indian food in a long time so it was so fun to try something a little different, I basically took my naan and fashioned it into a funnel so that I could maximize my intake.  We did gifts at dinner and I was shocked at how well Trey did.  Normally he gets me “guy gifts”…ladies know what I am talkin’ about.  Manuals, bike lights, gadgets…all great things I appreciate and do need…but I cannot believe he got me a Tiffany’s key.  The boy has done well.


After gifts we went to The Funnybone for seriously the most hilarious stand up show in the world, I used to hate on this place just becomes it seems like such an institutionalized chain, but I just love stand up so it was hilarious.


On my actual birthday on Sunday I went to Tastings of Charlottesville with the Typod and enjoyed a great flight paring!   I am a very full and happy birthday girl!  Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, I am glad I was born too ;)



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9 Responses to I am a Quarter of a Century Old

  1. Alex says:

    Happy belated! I freaked out when I turned 25. I also thought that I should have accomplished so much more or been at a different place in life. The one thing that I did not enjoy about my 25th year were all the diamonds that starting appearing on friends fingers. I missed that memo.

  2. Oh wow, I’d say the boy did well on the b-day gift!!! ;)

    Isn’t it funny how when you’re little, you think a certain age is SO old, and then you get there… and it’s not? I definitely didn’t think I’d be where I am at this point in my life, but I love it and I wouldn’t change a thing!

    • btypes says:

      thats what i mean!! I thought 25 was sooo old like you got the stamp of adulthood or something! …i still feel like a child though haha

  3. Shannon says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! What a fun weekend of celebrating!

  4. Ok B I am going to give it to you straight (first off, your birthday looked amazing – fabulous food and propz to T money) but 25 is actually terrible. Not in a real sense, in like a “I’m still 25, why can’t it stop feeling like 25″. This was my bummer year too. I am still 25 but I gave up in thinking about it! My suggestion, which I should have done day 1 is to just keep pretending you’re 24. No. Seriously.

    That is all #happybirthday :)

    • btypes says:

      hahahaha oh my gosh LC!!!?? hahahah why is it so bad??? I guess I am feeling the whole “quarter life crisis thing” so do you mean 25 is that but even worse? For an entire year? Is 26 better?

      • naureen says:

        HAHA Bty – 25 is great and every year after will be even better! You are in such an amazing place in your life, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Great job, great man, great friends ;), you are one lucky 25 year old!!! xoxoxoxo

  5. Jillian says:


    Happy Belated Birthday! I love checking in on your blog! You have such a wonderful sense of humor, and it’s fun to keep tabs and see what you’ve been up to…I miss you, and Richmond, and Virginia for that matter! Keep up with all the good posts…oh! and I am very glad you were born too! ;-)


    ps- 25 is a scary age… you’re kind of in between the college crowd and being a real adult… I think 26 will be better!

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