Magpie is one of those restaurants you would not notice unless you knew where to look. It is nestled off of Leigh st. down the road from Black Sheep. I cannot speak more highly about the ambiance of this restaurant, all of the descriptor words I am going to use are incredibly creepy…but it was cool: imagine Edgar Allen Poe’s grandmother’s parlor. It is antiquey and hip, and if you don’t enjoy a quirky menu definitely stop by for a cocktail (one of my favorite lists in town) and enjoy the flare.


I was so touched that all of my friends chose this restaurant for my birthday as it is somewhere I had been wanting to go for months. The Magpie Chef’s are great food-smiths. Something I love even more than a delicious meal is an interesting meal. I like when a menu makes you think and ask the question “what am I even eating”. Starting with the amuse bouche for the night, was no exception. I will have to say my bouche was not amused…it was a little fluid and sour but again, I really appreciate the ingenuity and presentation. We ordered popcorn lobster with lemon chive biscuit and piccata cream, sweetbreads with avocado and Mandarin oranges, and Heart of Palm Fritters, all were to die for!





Next we went on to share some lobster fennel soup that was as silky as liquid butter with a light round flavor, their soup changes often encouraging me to want to stop by and get a cup to-go for dinner just to see what they are up to. The country pate was also delicious, served with little dollops of mustard, pickles, and the smokiest sweet beets I have ever had. I would love to top every salad for a year with those beets, they were better than steak.

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Once we moved on to our entree my sister and I shared the duck confit, pistachio, marmalade stuffed scallops and the rabbit with cous cous and some kind of spicy relish topping. My one issue with the meal was these scallops. They were delicious. But they were tinyyyy for their price, and for a medium sized plate I assumed I would be ok ordering them as an entree. Be weary if you go there and understand that if you want to be full you must order a large plate.



The staff was incredibly helpful in helping with playing the cake and poppin’ them bottles. How amazing is the cake Alisa had made for me with the Btypes logo?!




So thoughtful! Magpie was incredible and their menu is always changing, I cannot wait to go back! Best birthday ever!


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2 Responses to Magpie

  1. Alisa says:

    Bty let’s be real that cake was fugs. Kroger will pay!

  2. Shannon says:

    Love Magpie! That dinner looks fantastic and what a great cake!

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