Breaking Bad Fans?

Don’t hate. I am just gonna say what everyone is thinking.


They even talk the same.  The resemblance is uncannnyyyy!  No, I am not insinuating that President Obama is running a drug cartel, or selling meth, that would be unpatriotic. However, watch Breaking Bad and try not think think about the pres.

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5 Responses to Breaking Bad Fans?

  1. jaml905 says:

    love the new season of breaking bad. :)

  2. giselleonia says:

    I never even realized they looked alike until now! I’ll never see Obama the same way again. o_o

  3. I friggin’ looooooooooooooooove Breaking Bad and have never once thought they looked the same until now! Craziness! PS. We’ve only been watching it on Netflix, so we aren’t caught up on this season yet!

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