Hair Theater Giveaway

Lookin’ to spruce up that weave ladies? Finnin’ to get a fancy up do?  Are you like me and will find any excuse to not brush your hair for days on end?  I have discovered the solution to all of your problems!   The Hair Theater! (In other news I really need to stop referring to my hair as my weave)

Pretty much every day after work I run the same route around the Fan.  It is boring, but I am a creature of habit.  I have kicked by The Hair Theater literally hundreds of times on autopilot, never really focusing on anything except not trying to break my teeth on uneven sidewalk.  However, the other day I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a sign that said “Braid Bar”.  Qua? What is a braid bar you may ask?  While running the risk of sounding passé, it is “all the rage in New York.”   I read this article on Bergdorf’s Braid Bar, which boasts a $45 dollar intricate braid that lasts 96 hours, and have ever since been incredibly intrigued.  Seeing as I am a peasant I would never spend $45 dollars on a braid, but Natalie at The Hair Theater has crafted a whole menu of trendy twists and turns for your hair that is both decadent and affordable.

Starting at just $10 dollars for a standard style, moving up if you want a shampoo, massage, blow out etc. The Braid Bar at The Hair Theater is the perfect way to get that hip look you just cannot get on your own, no matter how many tutorials you read on Lauren Conrad’s Blog.  Sure anyone can do a french braid, but for just $10 dollars you can get whatever look you want, and trust me, it lasts forever.  Natalie is like the Voldemort of braids.  She is seriously like dark magic crazy wizard good at it, and the braid you see above took her only ten minutes.  Every time I try to get that boho-chic unkempt “tried-but-didn’t-try” look, I just look derelict.  Plus, I will go through great lengths to sleep an extra ten minutes and just generally ignore trying to comb out my dreadlocks.  This is a great solution to expedite your getting-ready process, because that step is already been nipped in the bud.  Visit Natalie at The Hair Theater and quit while you’re ahead, it takes two seconds, is inexpensive, and is as relaxing as getting a pedicure.

Time for the good stuff.  The Giveaway!! One lucky reader will get a visit of their own to The Braid Bar compliments of the infinitely sweet Natalie and Liz.  All you have to do is a leave a comment and I will use that random number generator thingy on Friday to choose a winner.

However, if you want to be a mega awesome over achiever and maximize your chances of winning you get an extra vote for doing each of the following things (just leave a comment telling me you did):

“Like” The Hair Theater on Facebook
Follow them on Twitter
Follow me on Twitter

So to be clear you can get up to four votes if you play your cards right!  If you want extra inspiration on all the possibilities you can check out my pinterest hair board with my favorite styles.  I plan on going back this week to get one of these looks.  I love thinking about the 50′s and how ladies used to spend Saturdays gossiping in the salon…anyone feel like getting brunch soon and sipping champagne while getting a cute braid?  Get at me.

For those of you who can’t wait till Friday to get woven here are the detes:
303 North Robinson St. Richmond, VA 23220

The Solo Plait-$10

French, Swedish, Fishtail, Cobra, Quirked, 4-Piece, Inverted, No limit!

Braids and Bubbles-$15
Shampoo and a scalp massage, followed by whatever braid you want!

Braided Updo-$30
Shampoo and a scalp massage, then blow out, followed by whatever you want, half up half down, braids, whatever!

Signature Styles-$15
(Add shampoo and scalp massage for $5)
The Halo- Inverted French or Swedish Braid into a crown
Around the Word- Two French Braids Come together in the back to form one braid or a classic chignon
The Mermaid Wrap- A French Briad forming a head band in the front, directed across the back of the head into a waterfall braid
The Serpentine- Zigzag design starting at the temple and traveling across the crown back and forth
The Zipper Chignon- An Inverted French Braid up the back of the head creating a seam to be topped off with a chignon or a pony
Swedish Fish- A Swedish braid starting on one side of the head, traveling across the back into a fishtail

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31 Responses to Hair Theater Giveaway

  1. Elyse says:

    I would like to try a cute braid ‘do!

  2. Ahh!!! That’s awesome!!!! Since I CANNOT properly do a fishtail braid in my hair no matter how hard I try. I want to do this!!

  3. Oh and I follow you on twitter :)

  4. Annnnd as of 30 seconds ago, I follow them on twitter too ;)

  5. Shannon says:

    I MUST win this! Followed on FB and Twitter (commenting at this moment). Totally down for Champagne braided up get togethers. I will do my best to bring good gossip if this happens!

  6. Brittany Burns says:

    I follow you on twitter!

  7. Brittany Burns says:

    And I always try to follow LC’s tutorials. They make me feel incompetent

  8. Colleen C. says:

    I would love a little fun braid!

  9. Colleen says:

    I like The Hair Theater on FB!

  10. Colleen says:

    Love this giveaway!

  11. Colleen says:

    Following The Hair Theater on the Twit.

  12. Colleen says:

    Following you on the Twit.

  13. J-ty says:

    I’m down for champagnes, brunch and braidzz!

  14. Bun-bunz says:

    ooooo meee meee

  15. Is this real life? I’m braid obsessed! You know I already follow you like a stalker on twitter and now I follow Hair Theater on fb and twitter, too.

  16. Alisa Abbott says:

    i have done all of the things you requested, my liege. make me win! favoritism!! i will blackmail you.

  17. kk says:

    ahhh this sounds amazing!

  18. Sarah Gray T says:

    I love this idea! I had a friend in NYC who did this and I have been waiting to find one in Richmond!

  19. Ok I really really want to win this and I hope that my prior succes with the oatmeal will not hurt my chances :)

  20. I follow the hair theater on twitter now!

  21. Erin says:

    This is awesome!! Definitely going to do this soon!

  22. Carter says:

    i would love a good braid!

  23. Carter says:

    I follow you on twitter!

  24. Carter says:

    i followed Hair Theater and liked them too!

  25. Lauren Fisher says:

    Ooh I want to win! All those braids sound so creative…

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  27. Erin says:

    After seeing this post, I have been to see Natalie for braids twice. We are becoming BFFs I think, haha! I’m so glad you shared this hidden gem right in the Fan!

    • btypes says:

      Yessss I loveeee her! She is like the best person ever. She is so funny and I have a mega girl crush on her! I am so glad you discovered the braid bar! I tried to go on Saturday but was a little bit too late :( Let me know next time you go and I will have to swing by too and get my hair did!

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