Locked on Ryan Lochte?

Oh the grill gets me every time.   It is official, I am joining the ranks of woman locked on this little soggy studmuffin.  However, I just read this HuffPo article and I think he might be sort of Patrick Bateman, it puts the lotion on the skin, OCD weirdo, and kind of a dummy.  A few excerpts:

“Lochte apparently has an affinity for women who are extremely neat eaters.”

He believes all women are “evil and that they all lie”

His mom said he has a lot of one night stands.

He is also terrible at interviews:

Either way he is still a total babe and I need to learn how to eat neater and watch The Notebook again so I can get on his level.



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3 Responses to Locked on Ryan Lochte?

  1. lesliehwelsh says:

    Michael Phelps 4 lyf!

  2. runrunmom says:

    ooo i loved him too until i read that article about his mom wanting to talk about his one night stands…then i wondered…why does his mother know this? Does he still live at home? Then I went back to my normal Prince Harry love. (who if he still lives at home has good reason…HE LIVES IN A PALACE!)

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