What’s Your Manchester- Art Contest

Calling all creatives!!! My lovers at Virginia is for Bloggers came to me with a cool project happening for all of you who love Manchester and have a talent for painting, drawing, writing, music, sculpture, or really whatever sort of arty decoupagey crafty talent you can think people will ooh and ahh over.  Keep your macaroni sculptures to yourself unless they are really baller.  To give a little context Manchester is indeed part of Downtown Richmond, but is connected by a few bridges so a lot of people forget about the awesomeness it possesses unless they have been snaked into getting beers on Legend’s porch at which point they become converts and understand.  Once you get down there it is basically like entering that Narnia wardrobe that transfers you to a new world.  This area is emerging as the new “it” neighborhood packed with art galleries, breweries, farmers markets, and loads of outdoor adventure.  In walking distance to Belle Isle, Browns Island, the Flood Wall, and other RVA goodies, and the whole idea of Manchester is just booming.

time to get artsty. Mcayla Maroney is already unimpressed.

time to get artsty. Mcayla Maroney is already unimpressed.

Here are the detes:

Grubb Properties Inc., a N.C-Based real estate development and management firm is pre-leasing for the new Link Apartments.  In recognition of the new community, Grubb Properties is offering a “What’s your Manchester” art contest, which is a multi-media contest for Richmond neighbors and artists to express what Manchester means to them in a variety of ways. Entries can be videos, photographs, paintings, drawings, songs or any other type of mixed-media exhibit. Winners will receive $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place and $250 for third place. All participants will be invited to an award party at Legend Brewery at the end of September. Submissions are due by September 15, 2012 and more information can be obtained by emailingart@linkmanchester.com

Oh my gaaaa $1000 dollasss are you kidding!?  Give me some popsicle sticks and a glue gun and I am there!  Throw me my flute and grab your recorder, its go time.  Submissions are right around the corner so it is time to get creative and begin whittling away at your block of wood or weaving old bike tires together to make something that just screams Manchester.

Grab a beer Ajax Aleworks and walk around until you get inspired. Plot your grand plan and see if you can win the prize!  If you do you can send part of it to me as a finders fee…no big deal.


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