Cheap Tee’s!

Have you all heard of Everlane yet?  I found the website on Cup of Jo and immediately spent $72 dollars on t-shirts.  I am constantly searching for the perfect tee and usually either end up accumulating dozens of ill fitted cheap tissue shirts that I never wear, or I will spend a gajillion dollars and guilty buy a designer shirt and wear it to death.  There was no middle ground.  Until now.

As you see from the model above, Everlane cuts out the middleman where the price is hiked up.  They sell well designed soft tops with a much smaller mark up, averaging $15-$20 a shirt.  Naturally after endorsements from a dozen trusted bloggers I ordered one of each style (they have a good return policy).  If you order more than two items the shirts ship for free in one business day.

They come in pretty neutral tones and vary in styles from classic, v-neck, and box cut to a billowy long-sleeved number and some beautifully forgiving tank tops.  As much as I would like to think I am put together and wear gloriously unique patterned, layered, outfits daily.  Usually I am unwashed hair in a bun, cotton top and a pair of colorful pants-that is me trying.

The more quick comfortable shirts I can acquire the faster I can get ready and out the door.  Since I bought four of these babies I am hoping to try them all out and get rid of my old balled up shirts that take up space in my drawers, and just have a set of these handy.  Think of them as your go-to wardrobe.

They also have belts, totes, and menswear and a secret shop if you invite enough friends.  I will update this post when I get my tees and let you know how they work.  If they are true to size, comfortable, soft, and whether I will give them my btypes stamp of approval.

What do you think?  Do you hate spending $$ trying to find the perfect shirt?





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2 Responses to Cheap Tee’s!

  1. J-ty says:

    So I ordered the Ryan Tank and it is purrfect! It fits so nice and is comfy and hides my fat rolls well. ^_^ I’m sold on this company!

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