A Lot of Cute Stuff on FB

People shared an abnormal amount of cute stuff on Facebook this AM.  In light of the fact that it is Thursday, ignoring the fact that our government has shut down, and just to share the wealth…. behold:

This otter sleeping on this girl’s face.


That same otter being awake and somehow being even cuter…which is seemingly impossible. I will never be happy.


This red panda freaking out about a pumpkin.

The comments I find even funnier about said freak out:

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 9.26.31 AM

Ballet dancers in everyday situations:


This judgmental kermit pic:


It’s October 3rd.


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One Response to A Lot of Cute Stuff on FB

  1. AHHHAHAHAHAHAH judgemental Kermit pic. I just LOL’ed (ew I hate when people say this) in a meeting. Where I’m obviously not paying attention.

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