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Holiday Gift Guide: For your Papa who says “really don’t get me anything” every year.

Long gone are the days of yore when I would give my dad a stick of Big Red for Christmas.  Really, I used to give him cinnamon gum every year and I am pretty sure he was genuinely happy.  Nowadays … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide: for the Little Lady in your Life

It doesn’t matter if she is your sweet little daughter, fabulous sister, or adoring girlfriend, these are all great gifts for the important young lady in your life! Valentina the new eau de parfume by Valentino is floral, feminine, and … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Boyfriend that is Impossible to Shop for…

Men are always impossible to shop for because they are overly particular, usually funny about their clothing, and won’t admit to actually liking nice things.  Really, what do you give the guy who has everything?  This year Trey and I … Continue reading

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Healthy Kid Food

I don’t have children, but I know A. a lot of people who do (it seems very popular and trendy) and B. a lot of picky eaters.  Right now at the ripe age of 25, motherhood seems glorious and fun. … Continue reading

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The Breakfast Club

Dinner parties were so 2000.  You know what is better? Brunch.  Everrybody loves a good Sunday Funday complete with a buffet of savory breakfast items, zippy bloody mary’s, and of course bubbly pitchers of mimosas.  My dear friend Naureen and … Continue reading

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French Dijon Stew

I hope everyone survived Sandy and is safe and dry!  For me it was pretty uneventful, I made a nest on the couch, got a lot of work done, and made this delicious stew.   Red wine based stew just … Continue reading

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Keeping it Creepy

How have you guys been celebrating the scary season? Here is what I have on tap for this All Hallows Eve: Geese dressed as ladies who lunch 1. I went to one of those Haunted Woods walks yesterday with a … Continue reading

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Dogs on Grove

It’s the little things in life that make the world go ’round.  The smallest things that you find funny can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life.  I have a lot of these “day brighteners” that pop up here … Continue reading

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Stop Freaking Out.

Exhale. Do you ever just stop and realize how much you put unneeded pressure on yourself and others?  Sometimes I catch myself getting incredibly hung up on unnecessary self imposed timelines.  I’ll let one passive aggressive email ruin my day. … Continue reading

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Hello my little pretties!  How was your Labor Day weekend?  Mine was actually absolutely perfect.  It was the perfect balance of relaxation, fun, and productivity.  From sleeping like Rip Van Winkle, catching up with old friends, and doing the whole … Continue reading

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